Blade Runner 2049 Review: Your story isn’t over yet


For millions of fans around the world, the 35-year wait for a Blade Runner Sequel is over! Blade Runner 2049 opens today & by all accounts it’s not going to disappoint the hordes of avid followers and it should spawn a whole generation of new ones...

Herewith a few of the ratings it has received so far:

  • Rotten Tomatoes                -        90%
  • Empire Magazine                -        5 Stars
  • Metacritic                           -        82
  • IMDb                                -        8,7/10
  • Common Sense Media         -        4/5

Personally, I was concerned that Ridley Scott wasn’t going to direct this follow up to what I believe is his best work, but when I heard that French Canadian Director Denis Villeneuve was at the helm, I calmed considerably.

Villeneuve recently caught my attention with his last 3 releases – Prisoners; Sicario and Arrival. All 3 are powerful in their own right, with taught performance from stellar casts. One of the many things I love about his style is that he doesn’t spoon feed his audience, but rather assumes that they watching because they are interested and are participating in the film.

This allows him to power forward and give the actors the opportunity to drive the story while the viewer identifies with the events and ultimately owns the experience.

Read my review of the original Balde Runner film HERE

While I have great respect for Scott as a director, I feel that he even though he has enjoyed huge box office success over the years, I am of the opinion that he hasn’t made anything of substance in over a decade. At one point I would rather choose to watch something by his accomplished action movie director sibling, the late Tony Scott (Domino; Man on Fire; The Last Boyscout) than set myself up for yet another disappointment.

By all accounts this movie tells the tale of a young Blade Runner (Gosling) who seeks out the long hidden Deckard (Ford) to help with his current replicant case, a premise which promises to lead us deeper into the dark and sinister world of human & android divisions...

Herewith some of the Blade Runner 2049 pedigree:

Cinematography:      Roger Deakins (Sicario; Prisoners; Kundun and most of the Coen Brothers stuff)

Music by:                Benjamin Wallfisch (IT; Dunkirk; Annabelle: Creation) and

                             Hanz Zimmer (where do I start? – Dunkirk; Interstellar; Man of Steel)

Cast:                      Harrison Ford (yes, he’s back)

                             Ryan Gosling  (La La Land; The Nice Guys; Drive)

                             Robin Wright  (Wonder Woman; Everest; The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo)

                             Ana de Armas (War Dogs)

                             Jared Leto     (Suicide Squad; Lord of War; Fight Club)

I have no doubt that Villeneuve will not disappoint and that this offering will stand proud alongside the original movie.

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