Strong, balanced bodies: Curves gives women what they need to feel great!


At Curves, ‘strong’ is about so much more than building muscles. The Curves program provides women with what they need to feel great and build a healthier future – strong bodies, strong balance and a strong community.

“The Curves circuit has been designed for woman of all ages and fitness levels. This amazing circuit involves strength training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching,” describes Lauren Frueholz, owner at Curves Vincent in East London.

For your convenience, Curves also has clubs at Greenacres, Walker Drive and Walmer in Port Elizabeth.

“The workout will increase the heart rate to improve cardiovascular activity, allowing you to get fit and to turn your body into a fat burning machine!” she adds.

“Our strength training, using hydraulic resistance, promotes the building of lean muscle; giving you a toned and firm appearance. By increasing your lean muscle, you will be able to burn extra calories while resting!”

Frueholz says Curves gives you the options to work with your body type, skill level and physical ability.

“Our comprehensive program takes the guesswork out of reaching your goals and with an emphasis on strength training you will continue to burn calories after your workout.

“Researchers generally agree that strength training provides many benefits for both physical and mental health, including reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and obesity,” she adds.

“Regular strength training and cardiovascular exercise can serve as a distraction to your worries, allowing you to break out of the cycle of the negative thoughts that feed anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional problems.”

Empower yourself by building strength, which will tone your muscles. Getting toned can make you feel younger, look better and stand taller. Now that’s worth the work!

Frueholz agrees that having a coach can have a profound impact on a person’s results.

“At Curves we know the value of a coach and they are part of your membership from day one. During your coaching session, you will discuss everything from achievable goals, anticipated results and necessary changes for optimum results,” she describes.

“Your coach will also motivate you to uphold your workout habit to see those noticeable results. With the measurements that are taken during this coaching session, you will see proof of your body changing, from centimetres, kilograms and body fat.”

The Curves Community is full of strong women. Whether you bring a friend with you or make new ones, the coaches and members of Curves will support you both on and off the circuit.

“With each Curves being very active in its community the members will always be there to support each other,” Frueholz says.

In addition, the Curves Smart system provides moment to moment feedback. It is programed with your own information and customizes each workout to meet your needs. Curves Smart challenges all the major muscle groups and tracks your body becoming stronger and leaner.

“Sticking with a fitness program is not about willing you to change, but about embracing a process. A process that empowers you to do those things that you really know you need to do. Habits are a driving force behind our behaviour,” describes Frueholz.

“Typically, it takes 21 days to form a habit, good or bad. At Curves, your coach will keep you accountable and help you through the journey to form a new habit. The first few sessions may be inconvenient and exhausting, but Curves will take most of the pain out of the change. Remember, everything important in our lives is going to require effort and discipline.

“After all, the price you pay for good health is a bargain compared to the price you pay for poor health.”

Find out more by visiting Curves Vincent in East London or at Greenacres, Walker Drive and Walmer in Port Elizabeth or visit them online at

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