Feel the adrenalin pump with Action Paintball


Sneaking through the bush.  All’s quiet, where is everyone?  A twig snaps to your right.  You sink slowly to the ground scanning the bush.  Nothing but your heart beating, sweat trickling down your spine, eyes and ears straining to pinpoint movement or sound.

Bam! Bam! Bam!  zzzzziip Paintball’s whip past your shoulder splattering against trees and the rocks that you are trying desperately to burrow under.  Dive, roll into a crouch, more paintballs splatter the tree next to your head. Duck! Laughter to your left. Spin, movement, shoot. 

Bam! Bam! Splat!  “Ouch” and your opponent is out of the game.  Relief and adrenalin pump through your body as you realise that you have survived your first contact in an Action Paintball game.

Paintball is in the top ten most fun activities on the planet.  The adrenaline, excitement and camaraderie are awesome. If you’ve never played paintball then add it to your bucket list.

What they offer

Action Paintball, based at Imhoff Farm near Kommetjie, hosts the biggest bush field in the peninsula catering for corporates, kids, hen and bachelor parties, up to 80 players can participate simultaneously either as one large group of players or be split into smaller groups to play separate games according to age and experience. 

The minimum age to play paintball is eleven but not to worry if you are younger as Action Paintball also operates a Lasertag field that caters for pre-teens and anyone who still wants the adrenalin fix but doesn’t want to risk an up close body paint job.

The nearby Imhoff farm stall and restaurant offers a wide variety of catering options for rehydration and post-event story telling.

Contact Action Paintball to book your next party or outing on 066 471 6014 or email daniel@actionpursuit.co.za.  Visit www.actionpaintball.co.za or www.lasertag.co.za.

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Contact Franchisee Maritsa Beattie & Talita Swart
Cape Town contact number Maritsa - 083 6583 948 | Talita - 072 6794 343
Cape Town email address maritsa@homefoodandtravel.co.za | talita@homefoodandtravel.co.za