Workouts to help you lose your holiday weight


We all know the annual curse; when the holidays arrive and the Christmas dinner has been served weight gain continues until we reach the New Year. It is for this reason that people often return to work with dreaded holiday weight.

For those who don’t want to let their holiday weight get them down, here are a few cardio workouts that will help you shave of those few extra kilos and get you back in top shape a lot faster.

Elliptical machine

Not only were these machines designed to create less impact on knees and hips, they are excellent for burning a high amount of calories without stressing out your joints. Get more out of your workout on the elliptical machine by adjusting the speed and intensity every few times.

Make sure you workout with a high incline as this will make your muscles work harder and try not to hold onto the handles too much as this will decrease the effectiveness of the workout.


Though clichéd, running at a moderate pace is an excellent way to burn both fat and calories. Take yourself out on a nice long run every few weeks and you will find yourself able to keep up your aerobic abilities.

Make sure you stick to trails and softer surfaces when running, as cement can cause damage to your legs with impact. If you are running on a treadmill you can get a better workout by adding at least 2% incline to protect your knees.

Remember it’s always more fun if you run with a friend!

Jumping rope

This is a workout you would often see boxers doing, as they do it for a good reason. Jumping rope has a lot more benefits than you would think. Not only can you burn a lot of calories, it also improves foot speed and is easy and cheap to do.

You can burn a high amount of calories simply by jumping rope for a few minutes. There are various ways you can jump rope so make sure you do a workout that works for you. You can try jumping rope for one minute then take a break for 20 to 30 seconds before jumping again.


Be warned, cycling is a very intense and physically demanding workout, but it comes with high rewards. Stationary bikes in gyms are excellent for burning calories at a fast pace, and working out for an hour will give you the calorie burn of a lifetime.

When working out on a stationary bike, make sure to have regular intervals to insure that you achieve maximum calorie burn in a short amount of time.


Not only is swimming a great way to cool down in the summer, it’s also an excellent way to lose weight and workout. Swimming is the perfect full body workout as you are using all your muscles to stay afloat; you are essentially working out the whole time until you leave the water.

When you are swimming laps make sure to alternate your stroke style. Each stroke burins a different amount of calories.


This exercise is a great way to work out your upper and lower body at the same time in a way that doesn’t cause stress to your joints. If you keep up a moderate pace you can burn a substantial amount of calories quite fast.

You can burn calories faster by doing a few short sprints during your workout as well. Make sure to utilise your entire body when rowing and not just your arms. Make sure your legs are getting just as much out of the exercise as your arms.

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