A healthy lifestyle has never been easier to achieve

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

KD Foods has once again ventured into yet another business avenue with the Good Heart brand. The vision of the company was always to build a foods business that wasn’t limited to only one category of food like sweets, chocolates or confectionary but to build a 360 business that covered all aspects of FMCG foods.

It was the natural evolution for KD foods to expand into the health industry as it became apparent that healthy lifestyles and healthy snacking became a global trend. KD Foods like to think of themselves as a company on the cutting edge of food trend analysis and product development.

Good Heart is the first step into the health sector of FMCG foods. The brand is in its second year of development and finally the opening line of Good Hearts products has been released and comprises of a range of healthy snacking chips.  The range consists of organic baked brown rice, coconut and fruit chips which are non-GMO, preservative free, high fibre snacks. They have also introduced a Seaweed chip which is completely unique product to the market.

KD Foods went on a yearlong mission to source products from the best suppliers all around the world and so all ingredients are world class. Good Heart is a modern, aesthetically pleasing brand that you want to be seen with! Gone are the old boring health foods that you force yourself to eat. Good Hearts healthy chip range is perfect for anyone from executives to mothers on the go who want an easy lunchbox treat.

The Good Heart range is not only good for you but good for others too! Good Heart is partnered with Feed SA allowing you to fuel your body while helping a child fuel theirs. Most children in South Africa are impoverished and go to school every day on an empty stomach. Good Heart has decided to donate a percentage of every packet of chips sold to Feed SA and will go towards helping feed a hungry child.

Be sure to grab a packet from Clicks, Dischem, Engen garages and a truck load of independent stores and kick off your healthy lifestyle. 

Contact Franchisee Evann van Rensburg
East Rand contact number 083 226 5607
East Rand email address evann@homefoodandtravel.co.za