Callie-Anne Gavazzi: A Love Affair With Food in Africa

MARCH 23, 2018

Television cook Callie-Anne Gavazzi launches her first self-published cookbook A Love Affair with Food in Africa locally after a successful, sellout launch in Las Vegas in January this year.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Callie-Anne spent much of her childhood on dusty farm roads near Bulawayo where her love for African flavours was influenced by street food, home cooking and traditions she keeps alive to this day.

“Some of my fondest memories of my childhood revolve around food,” Gavazzi says when probed about her upbringing in Zimbabwe. Eyes sparkling, she reminisces about smell of coal-roasted mealies bought from vendors on the side of the road, eating sadza ne muriwo on her gogo’s lap in her family’s garden and the simple pleasure of discovering and cultivating an obsession with garlic and chili with her father, Simon.

To Callie-Anne, food is more than just sustenance. Food is a means of uniting people in a way that requires no words; it’s a physical manifestation of friendship, love and passion.

“With A Love Affair With Food in Africa, I’ve taken the African flavours ingrained in my cooking and given them a modern twist to make it the fashionable cuisine I know it to be. My biggest desire is to make African cuisine something that the world craves just as much as they do any other cuisine” Gavazzi says about the recipes.

And like the author, the cookbook is bold, refreshing and sure to pique the interest of even the least enthused foodies among us. A veritable treasure trove of delicious recipes and stories you can expect treats like: Callie-Anne’s pantry must have Gungai - a garlic and chili relish that she lathers onto food whenever she can; Sadza or traditional mealie pap with a variety sauces and relishes and Pap’s Peri-Peri Prawns, a dish inspired by her dad’s Mozambican Prawn recipe.

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