Off the wall! Valley Crag offers great fun and plenty of exercise


Valley Crag, owned by Ian “Cliffy” Clifford, is a hugely enjoyable indoor climbing arena situated in Lower Valley Road, Port Elizabeth.

Ian says, “We provide a safe and exciting climbing space for children and those just getting into climbing, to the hard core climbing enthusiast looking to push their limits.”

Ian is an ex-high school teacher who loves climbing and is now following his dream of owning a climbing arena.  In my experience any person who follows their business dream does so with passion and conviction and the result is a product or service that provides plenty of enjoyment for the end user.

Valley Crag is just such a place.  Ian has put together a venue that is centrally located, well managed and reasonably priced, not to mention plenty of fun!

If, like me you are wondering what to do with your kids in the next month and a half of holiday, then Valley Crag is a saving grace. For R60 per person you can spend the entire day in the arena. 

I recently spent a morning at Valley Crag with my kids and it was amazing to see kids, moms and dads hit the various climbing walls with enthusiasm.

Ian took us through his intro course where he explains how to use the harness, ropes and carabiners.  We learnt how to climb, abseil and belay and by the time we were ready to head for home my kids were knowledgeable climbers as well as exhausted and full of happy endorphins.

The equipment, including climbing shoes, harnesses and ropes are new and if climbing to the top of a six meter wall scares you, then consider that safety comes first at Valley Crag and that you will be ably assisted by Ian’s team.  Besides, after a few attempts, your confidence soars to the very top of the wall and you will leave with a great sense of achievement.

For the more serious and experienced climber, Ian has provided a rather challenging arch and a bouldering cave.

What I must enjoy about climbing is that it is both mentally and physically challenging and if your twice weekly run around the neighbourhood is a bit on the boring side then you should join Valley Crag as a monthly or family member.

“Once you have been bitten by the climbing bug you will find that you improve your strength and problem solving abilities and that your skills improve to the point where you can traverse the arch,” adds Ian.

For more information visit or call Ian on 082 576 4623

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