Your sports bra is as important as your trainers

MARCH 28, 2018

Experts say it’s just as important to wear a well-fitted, quality sports bra as it is a pair of quality trainers! Ladies take the time to carefully select a new pair of trainers, making sure they’re correctly fitted and comfortable, but they glance over the correct fitment of a sports bra. A good sports bra is one of the most important items any active women should have in her kit bag, it's important for all types of physical activity, including both low- and high-impact activities, and exercise of short or long duration.

According to a study by the Research Group in Breast Health (RGBH) in the UK, your bust moves up and down about 4cm per stride while walking; and up to 15cm during running!  Stephen van Niekerk, Chief Bra Officer at Anita South Africa says, “The average South African women’s bra size is a 34 D with an average breast weighing just under 500g, most women are then carrying 1kg of extra weight!” Breasts are only “carried” by skin and breast ligaments so any movement, such as running – exposes breasts to extreme strain.

“Breasts are not naturally designed to resist extreme movements, so it’s important to always wear a great quality and well fitted sports bra to avoid back and neck pain, alleviate breast discomfort and avoid sagging” says van Niekerk.

Wearing an incorrectly fitted sports bra not only causes discomfort and chafing, (let’s be honest, who needs that when exercise itself is enough hard work – Ouch!) but it also strains the breasts supportive tissue known as the Coopers ligaments – which eventually causes the dreaded irreversible “sagging”. Wearing a perfectly fitted, good quality sports bra prevents permanent damage to the breast by supporting and holding them firmly in place so that they don’t move independently of the body while doing physical activity.

“A well fitted sports bra should have no spillage, it should be firm but not restrictive and most importantly, should be comfortable,” says van Niekerk.

“Not only is it important to wear a quality sports bra for the general wear and tear of your breasts, women also find that it also improves their sporting and gyming performance,” comments van Niekerk. “Women who don’t wear a quality sports bra find they have increased upper body muscle activity which negatively impacts their performance. There is also an impact on their breathing patterns as women who don’t wear a sports bra find there is more pressure on their rib cages which causes them to take shallow and quicker breaths.”

Many sports bra options are available in stores, however what makes the Anita Active rage stand out from the rest is its quality, function, fit and comfort! “Not only do the Anita Active sports bra range look and feel great, but they are perfectly tailored and designed to provide a new level of functionality. Each bra is developed with a variety of specific functions and activity levels in mind, offering the perfect bra for every need. High-quality fabrics and perfected workmanship make sure of a comfortable body climate and maximum support; even in large cup sizes. And the best part of all, these bras are available in cup sizes AA- H! 

The Anita Active dynamiX star sports bra won the international Red Dot Design Award.

  • It’s front-adjustable strap system allows an "Easy On & Off" feature allow for quick dressing and undressing.
  • It’s straps, which run backwards into a generous X, allow for a wide opening and ensure comfort. The padded straps are located further from the neck to guarantee comfort and reduce weight on the shoulders.
  • The bra is made from breathable materials - for active "sweat management" enhancing a pleasant body climate.
  • It’s also sleek, and sexy looking with its sporty and dynamic design in two contrasting colours.

“Regardless of your breast size, a well fitted quality sports bra for any level of activity should be a top priority. It can make a big difference to your workout as well as your breast health. Anita is a firm supporter of sport!” concludes van Niekerk.

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