Take care of your look at IDD Skin Sense


If you are a guy and your facial grooming is still to advance past the quick shave and a rinse with whatever soap you can get your hands on, you now need to catch up with the times. Trust me; skincare is no longer something you just take for granted.

This I learnt after Ingrid Davey, at IDD Skin Sense, made me realise that while many men suffer from skin frustrations like razor bumps, fine lines, dark-eye circles, acne and blackheads at every stage of their lives, professional grooming offers a way out.

She had actually invited me to experience her new, cosy and comfortable premises at 9 Whitby Street in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

On my arrival, I was made to feel relaxed before having my face wrapped for an Environ DF Facial treatment that she has been doing professionally for 17 years.

During a brief skin evaluation, she explained to me what I needed to do on a daily basis to keep my face healthy and hydrated. She also described what I could expect and how my skin can benefit from the Environ DF Facial treatment.

I then closed my eyes and Ingrid started working her magic. She gently applied an Environ cleanser over my face and I listened as she continued to share tips about caring for my skin. The cleansing is meant to remove excess oils and open pores for the actual treatment.

That completed, she applied a special serum, specifically chosen for your skin type and then used a Sonophoresis probe, which pushes the molecule of the vitamin in the serum deeper into the skin.

She then I applied another serum to hydrate the skin before placing a gauze over my face, for better conductivity of the product into the skin through continuous current from the DF machine.

While doing all this, Ingrid explained to me the sensations that I would feel; the reason for the electro-stimulation and made sure I was still comfortable. For someone with a serious electro-phobia, I was surprised that the DF Machine only made me feel soothing tickles as it stimulated my face. It was actually an enjoyable experience!

About 45 minutes later, I opened my eyes. I could not believe how my face looked. The irritations on my skin from shaving and tweezing every day had disappeared. My face looked more radiant, spotless, toned and hydrated.

I can highly recommend Ingrid and the DF Facial Treatment for any guy wanting a boost in their grooming routine. Call Ingrid on 041 583 3484 today or find her at 9 Whitby Street in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

Contact Franchisee Liandé Barnard
Eastern Cape contact number 086 163 6845
Eastern Cape email address exec4@ricochetpublishing.co.za