Have a Fruitea Pop: A treat that is both healthy, and locally produced!


How often are you frustrated when choosing a treat?  Now there is a guaranteed solution: Fruitea Pops ticks all the boxes for natural frozen goodness packed with all the vitamins of a 100% fruit product.

It all started when IT Developer, Clive Pengelly, decided that he was done commuting between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Captivated by the Eastern Cape’s natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle, Clive decided to relocate to Port Elizabeth.

Moving down from the hustle and bustle of Jo’burg meant that he needed to find a new project to keep himself occupied. Soon, this technical buff and avid “think greener” became more and more intrigued by the unhealthy chemical composition of the food available on supermarket shelves - particularly those quoted as ‘health food”.

After enduring a few tasteless experiences with ice lollies, and noting their high chemical content, Clive decided he would start experimenting with different ingredients to create not only a tastier pop, but a healthier one as well.

His kitchen became his laboratory and the five Pengelly children the ‘lab rats’. It wasn’t long before Clive’s wife threw him out of her kitchen which resulted in him finding space and setting up a small factory. With Clive’s persistence and wonderful support from the Department of Agriculture, the Fruitea Pop brand was born.

The fusion of healthy ingredients resulted in the pop’s unique sweet and healthy flavour.

Rooibos was a natural choice as it is caffeine free, low in tannins, contains no oxalic acid and is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants as well as being a natural preservative. There is no added sucrose - only fructose, which makes Fruitea Pop very low in kilojoules - this is an irresistibly healthy treat.

Clive has been delighted by the response from local stores.  Appointing a young marketing crew with plenty of energy has assisted Clive in getting his Proudly Port Elizabeth ‘Fruitea Pops’ recognised.

This is not the end of development for Fruitea Pop, Clive will be adding two new products to the range by summer time, targeted at the sportsman and the slimmer.

We invite you to test and taste at any one of the stockists listed below and look out for them wherever you go, as our list of suppliers are growing day by day.

To place your order and installation of a Branded Freezer, call Haydn on 082 900 3866 or Kayleigh on 082 686 5010 or Bud on 063 687 1231.

Fruitea Pop Stockists: Spar: Newton Park, Acres, Seaview, South End, Despatch Sherwood, Humerail, Mary’s Sunridge Park; I am Eat, Gia’s Red Windmill; Forest Hill Café; Driftsands Café, Westering Café; Westering Home Industry; Sasol Linton Grange; Sasol Summerstrand; Pick’n Pay Port Alfred; Water Shops Metlife and Lorraine; Bayleaf Baywest; Rocket Seed; Gravity; Super 11 Cows Corner; Tasos Mount Pleasant; Mt Pleasant Café; Glenhurd Supermarket; The Cheese Shops, Body Fuel Linton Grange, Kingswood & St. Andrews.

Contact Franchisee Liandé Barnard
Eastern Cape contact number 086 163 6845
Eastern Cape email address exec4@ricochetpublishing.co.za