Took a journey of the paranormal kind on The Mystery Ghost Bus


When I first heard about the Mystery Ghost Bus Tour that was making its way towards Port Elizabeth, I found myself both intrigued and excited. Having lived in Port Elizabeth my whole life, I realised I didn’t actually know much about the history of hauntings and so-called ghostly locations of my city.

So, with a leap of faith, and a few friends around for my safety, I took a chance and booked my ticket for the September Equinox Tour.

The Mystery Ghost Bus Tour of South Africa takes place across the cities of South Africa, in Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth upon occasion.

They also host Mystery Ghost Dinners and Mystery Weekends Away in selected locations.

In Port Elizabeth, all participants of the tour met up at the News Café in The Boardwalk in Summerstrand.

Note – when booking your ticket, you are asked to bring a flashlight with you and some spending money for the pub stop-overs of the tour.

I was surprised at the number of residents, who pitched up for the tour – actually, the bus was fully booked, which goes to show that this tour has quite the reliable reputation.

The owner and creator of the tours, Mark Rose-Christie, is a true showman as he takes his victims - I mean guests, on the tour and tells the tales of the haunted locations as the bus heads there. Each of the stories he tells, have been documented and have been extensively researched to ensure their authenticity.

No tour is the same as the last; the bus goes to different haunted locations in Port Elizabeth each time to keep it interesting for those who may want to go for another ride, provided they survived their first of course.

I was surprised to find that most of the haunted locations in Port Elizabeth were in Central and South End. On the tour, I learnt that the Old PE Opera House, the Athenaeums’ little theatre, Fort Fredrick and St Georges Preparatory School have a long history of ghost sightings - all places have old architecture.

As we reached our first Pub Stop of the evening, we arrived at the Maritime Club, also in Central, where there was not only one, but three ghost stories.

Apparently, one of the resident ghosts even enjoys pinching ladies at the back of the bar. There have also been documentations of floating orbs in the billiards room and sightings of a ghost wandering into the men’s toilets.

On one of our stops ,we were all handed dowsing rods, and learnt more about EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and the research that goes into ghost stories and study. We then tested the dowsing rods, and I was honestly surprised to see the results.

We continued to drive around to the other haunted locations, such as the Park Drive Hotel, an old Park Villa around St George’s Park, Grey High School, the now shut down Brazen Head, the Provincial Nursing School, until reaching our final destination, excuse the pun, the South End Cemetery.

It was here, that all the seemingly random ghost stories seemed to tie together in a very interesting way.

I was blown away by the intricacy and detail that went into the gravestones, though some had been knocked over by vandals. It was clear that this cemetery had a certain atmosphere to it that made it that much more eerie.

When it came time for the tour to come to a close, Mark played the story of the legendary Uniondale Hitchhiker, a story that sent chills down my spine, as we drove back to The Boardwalk.

While I managed to walk away without spotting anything of an otherworldly nature, I can definitely say, I walked away with an insightful and informative look at my City and the rich history it contains.

I had a lot of fun on this tour and would definitely recommend it for locals and those interested in the paranormal to learn more about Port Elizabeth.

Mark mentioned that the bus will be making a comeback for their Halloween Tour in October, which I am already looking forward to!

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Eastern Cape contact number 086 163 6845
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