Breathing New Life Into the Search for Optimal Wellness

SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

Oxygen has always been known to be the most vital element required for human life, but the true power of oxygen in revitalising the body has only just been unlocked with the HOCATT™ Ozone Spa Capsule being the most advanced and effective device for detoxing, anti-aging, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

When Abraham van Eeden (79) heard about how HOCATT™ (Hypertermic, Ozone, Carbonic Acid, Transdermal Therapy) is the fastest form of oxygenation and detoxification, he had a healthy degree of skepticism. However, after years of visits to specialists to try to reinvigorate the circulation in his legs - having lost the ability to even drive - van Eeden decided to limp up the Kings Court Mall entrance in Port Elizabeth and pay a visit to The Ozone Clinic.

Little did he know that after just 30 minutes of detoxifying through oxygenating every body cell, the clumping of his red blood cells would be released and his flexibility improved. “I tried it and I can testify to feeling a difference even after the first two sessions. Whenever I start to feel any issues with my legs, I book a session. I just found that the doctor’s consultation fee is the same as a session would cost, and this time I know which one will bring me healing quickest!”

Van Eeden’s recovery is not a rare case. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has been scientifically established. It is this healing property of Ozone that got Dr Nagel of the Port Elizabeth Ozone Clinic interested. “I suffered from a knee injury and once hearing about Ozone I travelled to Pretoria and was successfully treated. I now can walk 18 holes of golf with no pain. Ozone keeps me going at age 68.”

A qualified chiropractor, having studied at the National University of Health Sciences, Homeopathy and Naturopathy in Chicago, Dr Nagel received world-class training from leading Ozone practitioner Dr Robert Rowen, a Medical Doctor from California.  “I wish I had known about Ozone when I entered the field in 1974” says Dr Nagel, “it has revolutionised my practice methods and has enabled me to help people that otherwise would have suffered in pain.”

When the body is flooded with an activated form of oxygen, namely ozone, health issues such as low immunity, migraines, low vitality and hay-fever dramatically decrease, whilst risks such as high cholesterol, hormonal issues and even cancer, are reduced. Taking technological advances one step further, Prolozone, an oxygen injection technique, furthermore results in cartilage regeneration and is effective for osteoarthrosis, chronic neck, and back pain injuries.

“When you think about it, it makes sense that oxygen is the logical solution,” remarks Van Eeden. Since the body is made up of about 65% oxygen, we know there’s up to 80% water but we also realise that most of this is oxygen and it’s the most important nutrient in the body required for optimal health.

The more oxygen we have in our system the more energy we produce and the more efficiently our bodies operate. “It worked wonders” gushes van Eeden, “although the oxygenation valve seemed a little strange at first, it was very comfortable, painless and non-intrusive – like leaning back in my armchair.”

This premier technology is breathing new life into the search for complete wellness solutions with HOCATT being dubbed the international leading wellness trend by various experts. “Medicine is changing and natural therapeutics are gaining greater prominence in our world as people search for less toxic solutions to their health issues,” notes Dr Nagel. The Ozone Clinic at Kingscourt Mall is the only HOCATT provider to incorporate ultra-red light which assists the body to respond to health challenges, injury and chronic conditions, improve athletic performance, enhance skincare and beauty, promote weight and cellulite reduction and facilitate overall health rejuvenation right from the first session.

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