Make your own Christmas crackers


Want to have some fun Christmas crackers but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for the ones in a store? Here you can learn how you can save some money by making your own Christmas crackers from the comfort of your own home.

These crackers are easy and simple to make, and you can fill them with any kind of prizes you want – provided it fits of course.

What to buy:

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Pretty A4 paper – you can also use newspaper, wrapping paper or anything you think will look pretty)
  • Sticky tape
  • Cracker snaps – these can be purchased at craft stores or online
  • Scissors
  • A 20cm long thin card
  • Decorative strings or ribbons
  • Cracker prizes – small trinkets or toys can be used

How to make your Christmas cracker:

  1. Take the toilet roll tube and place it on the centre of the long edge of your paper. Use sticky tape to keep it in place. Take the cracker snap and thread it through the toilet roll, then tape it down to one side of the paper.
  2. Roll the toilet tube across the paper and secure it with three strips of tape along the seam.
  3. Take the card and cut two 20x5cm strips. Curl the pieces into a circle and place inside each end of the cracker. Use sticky tape to keep the card in place.
  4. At one of the ends of the cracker take your pointer finger and thumb to make the OK sign and place around the gap between the toilet roll and the card. Gently squeeze and twist the end while using your other hand to hold the card in shape.
  5. Squeeze until the cracker has a defined neck to it. Then take the ribbon or string and wrap it around the neck.
  6. Then take whatever you would like to place inside the cracker and get stuffing. It could be a joke, a small toy or ornament then seal the open end.
  7. Repeat this process to make enough for the whole family!

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