How to ease back into work after going on holiday


While some people have already returned from their December holidays and are back behind their desks at work, there are some that still have to head home and prepare for their first day at work for the year.

For those who are about to take off their beach sandals and head back to the office, here are a few tips to help make going back to work a little less daunting.

Go back home a day earlier

While it’s understandable that you’d want to enjoy as many days off as you possibly have, its best to return home a day earlier from your holiday so that you can get yourself situated for the new working year.

Give yourself a chance to get annoying chores out of the way as soon as possible. Unpack your bags, clean your clothes and check some of your office emails before you have to go back to work.

Don’t overdo it

You might have a lot to get done when you come back to work, but try not to tackle it all at once on your first day.

Map out one or two things you need to get done for the day instead of everything at once so that you can focus and take your time with any assignments and not overwork yourself too hard.

Make sure that any meetings that need to take place occur at least on your second day back to work so that you don’t go crazy on your first day.

Find your routine

Its tough to suddenly get back to your old work routine after a long and relaxing holiday. So take your time and try to get back into your old working rhythm and feel productive again.

Don’t forget the simple things like taking lunch away from the office and enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Sort out your inbox

Nothing is more annoying than an overflowing inbox. Make sure to organise your emails as soon as possible and figure out what needs to be prioritised and what you can get done right away.

Clear out your junk folder and figure out a system to answer your emails. Try to start with the ones you received earlier than the most recent ones.

Make a To-Do List

To-Do Lists can be a lifesaver for the overworked individual. They can help you prioritise all your important tasks and help you remember what needs to be done and how soon.

See if you can clear out everything you need to do before you go back to work so that your list is a lot shorter and daunting when you go back.

Have good night’s sleep

Nothing eases the mind more than a good sleep. Though you might be feeling anxious the days before you have to go back to work make sure it does not adversely affect your sleep.

A good sleep will ensure that you wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks ahead. If you struggle to sleep try drinking some calming tea or meditate for a while to help calm your mind.

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