Wine producers to shift offering to cater to millennials' premium palate

MAY 9, 2018

The local wine industry is constantly evolving, driven largely by market shifts and changing consumer demands. In order to cater for the growing, adventurous millennial market – who are increasingly choosing to indulge in quality experiences - wine producers are seeing an increased demand for premium wines.

This is according to Bonny van Niekerk, red winemaker at Zonnebloem wines, who says that over the years, the wine consumer has evolved and as a result, wine producers are no longer able to rest on their laurels and expect the same wines to remain popular for years to come. “Millennials – young adults born between 1982 and the early 2000s - are driven by an appetite for quality and authenticity, and look for these qualities in their experiences, even if the cost is higher. We are finding that these characteristics are driving them to consume more premium wines.”

Supporting this sentiment are results from Nielsen’s latest Global Premiumisation Survey, which reveals that millennials are more likely to pay premium prices for products that come with high-quality standards in comparison to other generations.

Van Niekerk adds that as the demand for more premium wine gains momentum amongst millennials, the local wine industry needs to keep producing sophisticated wines for new, discerning palates. “Premium wines are not only wines that have been aged in barrels for many years or stored in vaults for decades, but also wines that can also be enjoyed upon purchase. There are still many wine connoisseurs who look to store wines for long periods of time, but the age of a wine no longer dictates its premium level.

“Winemakers are able to produce top quality wines, red or white, with each harvest, which is exactly what Zonnebloem does.”

She concludes by saying that in this ever-changing landscape, Zonnebloem has recognised this trend and continues to focus their efforts on producing wines that are of premium quality, that age well or can be consumed immediately after purchase. “The brand’s award-winning range of wines is able to cater to the palates of new and experienced wine lovers – offering that quality experience so sought after.”

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