Take part in the Blacksmith Coffee Movement; Unity Blend

APRIL 13, 2018

The Blacksmith Coffee Movement is the brainchild of two people, Lani Snyman, who developed the bean profile, and Nadine Jardim, who created the brand.

Both believe that great coffee can do good things. Blacksmith Coffee Movement is not only about the crafting of beautiful coffee blends from sustainable sources, but also a source of social change and a platform for job creation and skills development within the coffee industry.

There are just three blends, namely Purity, Honesty and Unity. Rather puritanical names, but when you consider the origin of the beans and the nature of the Blacksmith Coffee Movement they make perfect sense.

This wonderful coffee is only made from organically-grown beans and is certified as being part of the Fairtrade movement, which means that no farmer in some remote hillside hamlet was cheated out of his fair share of the coffee value added chain.

One would expect that with placing such restrictions on the source of the beans, it would be difficult to create a really good blend. Well, I’m here to tell you that the Unity, in the hands of a good barista, makes one of the best cappuccino’s that I have ever tasted.

The crema on the espresso was even and smooth and on the palette was flavoursome, creamy and smooth. This blend was produced specifically for South African tastes and most of our tasting team thought that this was a very good coffee.

This coffee can be bought through any Ciro outlet countrywide. Visit www.cirocoffeeboutique.co.za.

Contact Franchisee Natalie Major
Johannesburg contact number 083 489 2319
Johannesburg email address natalie@homefoodandtravel.co.za