BURGER KING® counts on the best nose in town

APRIL 13, 2018

You can taste and smell it: the scent of flame-grilled BURGER KING® burgers is one of a kind and popular all around the world. The brand recently enabled a special WHOPPER® fan to find his way to the closest BURGER KING® restaurant with the help of his guide dog with a one of a kind nose – a “WHOPPER® Dog”.  

Nathan, 29 years old and visually impaired, loves life. His passion: flame-grilled burgers from BURGER KING®.  His faithful companion Flynn never leaves his side. To enjoy flame-grilled burgers whenever Nathan desires to, he came up with a great idea: combining the obvious.

Since Flynn – the best nose in town – assists Nathan in finding his way through everyday life, he was asking BURGER KING® about the possibility of training Flynn on the special scent of flame-grilled burgers. BURGER KING® wants every fan to get the chance to enjoy flame-grilled burgers whenever they want to, so the only appropriate answer to Nathans’ request was a “YES”.

Flynn was offered special training to detect the scent of flame-grilled burgers. In his new position as a “WHOPPER® Dog”, he leads his owner Nathan to the closest BURGER KING® restaurant on command.

Thanks to Flynn, Nathan can now enjoy his special BURGER KING® moments whenever and wherever he wants.

“At BURGER KING® restaurants across South Africa, we welcome Certified Guide Dogs. This film about the WHOPPER® Dog proves that our flame-grilled burgers are not only superior when it comes to taste, but also when it comes to the delicious aroma. You’ll see the WHOPPER® dog relying on scent to find his way to the best burgers – globally – as he and Nathan go looking for a WHOPPER® in Paris,” says Ezelna Jones,  Marketing Executive for BURGER KING® South Africa.

BURGER KING® is looking forward to welcoming every WHOPPER® fan at our restaurants – it does not matter if it’s a human or a human’s helper that shares the same passion for flame-grilled burgers.

For more information on BURGER KING® South Africa, please head to the website, or follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Franchisee Natalie Major
Johannesburg contact number 083 489 2319
Johannesburg email address natalie@homefoodandtravel.co.za