South African choirs have an opportunity to excel at the World Choir Games

APRIL 13, 2018

SOUTH African choirs will be looking to do well and ensure that the country keeps the “Best Amateur Choir” title in the upcoming 10th World Choir Games, which take place in Tshwane from 04 – 14 July 2018.

In 2016, South Africa’s Stellenbosch University Choir won the categories “Spiritual”, “Musica Contemporea” and “Musica Sacra a cappella”.

Mr Ali Mpofu, head of the local organising committee and CEO of the African Cultural Development Foundation, says: “The Stellenbosch University Choir did exceptionally well the last time the WCGs were held in Russia in 2016. I have no doubt in my mind that now that the WCG showpiece is being hosted here, on home soil, South African Choirs will want to emulate them, and perhaps do even better. We hope that they will use their home ground advantage to maximum effect as they take on top class international competition.”

The World Choir Games will be the battleground for the finest choral music talent from around the world. Mr Mpofu says entries have been received from 45 countries, including as far afield as the US, Jamaica, Switzerland, Lithuania, Greece, China and Singapore.

The event finale will take place on 18 July 2018, which would have been the 100th birthday of world icon and former President Nelson Mandela.

Considered the Olympic Games of Choirs, this multi-faceted event, which is supported by the Gauteng Tourism Authority and City of Tshwane, will attract approximately 300 choirs and up to 30 000 visitors to the country, Tshwane and Gauteng in particular.

For South Africa, the WCG represents multiple economic and promotional opportunities including:

  • Contributing significantly to the Gauteng/South African economy due to the influx of participants, delegates and supporters from abroad and from around the country.
  • Contributing to temporary job creation and work opportunities, as well as upskilling for the hundreds of individuals and service providers required for the implementation of the project - and the related revenues the country will derive from these.
  • Raising the international profile of the country, in particular Gauteng, as an attractive cultural tourism destination.
  • Enabling significant cultural exchange opportunities between South Africa’s diverse choral community and those from around the world and activating cultural diplomacy.
  • Promoting social cohesion by bringing the country together on a global choral platform.

Highlights of the WCG event will include the opening ceremony, during which South Africa will welcome the 10th World Choir Games, the Parade of Nations - representing all participating countries and the South African Peace Celebration Concert in honour of Nelson Mandela.

In addition to the choral activities, a host of tourism options and cultural events will be available to visiting groups, providing additional income streams to a wide variety of local vendors and service providers from local communities.

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