We bet these staycation ideas will beat your last holiday

JUNE 6, 2018

Holidays are a chance to take a stress-free, relaxing break from the ordinary. Often this means that you jet off to some faraway corner of the world in order to unwind and reset your batteries.

Sometimes we're in desperate need of a break and often the wallet or calendar won't permit a full holiday - this is where staycations become useful.

You can take all of your favourite parts of your holiday: playing cards with family after dinner, visiting new restaurants, or even turning your phone off all day to mimic foreign signal in order to get some peace and quiet from the outside world.

Here are our three ways to make the most of your staycation

1. Make Your Own Nightlife

Many people head on holiday to immerse themselves in a new culture. For instance, trying new foods or experiencing the local nightlife, bars and casinos.  

Head to the theatre or try out an independent restaurant, or even cook something new for yourself at home using fresh, local ingredients.

For those nights needing a little more glamour, you could play some baccarat online and emulate a trip to the casino. Some online casinos offer better incentives than casinos that you might find on holiday such as VIP trips, cash prizes and luxury getaways. These evenings make for a great alternative to jetting away, and you can still indulge in similar activities. 

2.  Hit the beach 

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Often we go on holiday for a beach getaway but many people are lucky enough to live near the coast. You might be able to find some hidden gems near your home town and if the weather is on your side, make the most of it and hit your local beach.

Put together a picnic, dig out the ancient bodyboard from the attic and fill your car with friends. Unlike tourist favourites such as Maya Bay, you'll be able to find a spot for your beach towel and windbreak without having to sit millimetres away from strangers.

Head to the Eastern Cape and take in the beauty that our coast has to offer. Most coastal locations are areas of untapped natural beauty which are often overlooked in favour of places further afield, but you might find something magical and unheard of. 

3. Go Sightseeing 

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We're often too busy to appreciate where we live for its history and natural beauty, yet we're perfectly  happy to fork out for an excursion when we're abroad. Visit local points of interest such as historical buildings, and take time out at museums.

You could take a short train ride out to a town you've never visited or spend the day exploring a local town that you've never been to before. You may be surprised by the local cultural offerings, and learn a thing or two about where you live. 

We'd be lying if we said that we would rather take a staycation than jet off to a sun-drenched destination, but indulging in a staycation does give you the freedom to spend time in your local area and explore some hidden gems. It is also a great money saver and allows for flexibility when you only have a couple of days to spare, making those big getaways really special. 

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