Top 5 reasons your skin might be having a freak-out


Your skin is the largest organ of the human body and just like good hair days, good skin days can add confidence and enhance your mood. BUT, sometimes and with very little warning, your skin loves (especially at the most inopportune times) to go into total freak-out mode, bringing on painful pimples, blotchiness and rashes.

Thankfully, your skin—being reactive tissue – can rectify the cause as quickly as it appeared.

Reason #1: Why so stressed out? Just chill.

Ever had a break out with a deep 'underground' pimple right before a major event? I think we all have at some time or another! It’s the worst, but the best way to address this is with a small dose of steroid injected right into the pimple, which often has the effect of diminishing it overnight. Not into needles? A dab of tea tree oil will help dry it out and shrink it dramatically. If it still looks angry, just use a great concealer, those who know and love you won’t care anyway!

Reason #2: Seasonal Changes.

Always apply moisturiser – even in warmer months. Your skin has a memory and will get used to being hydrated. If you stop using it the dryness (especially in winter) will settle in and your skin will over-compensate later.

Reason #3: Poor diet and irregular sleep patterns.

Emotional stress isn’t the only thing that can rev up stress hormones and cause breakouts; poor sleep and diet can have the same reaction within the body. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and avoid oily, fatty foods. Consume good fats and green leafy veg. Aim to get AT LEAST 8 hours of shut-eye each night. Your baggy eyes and foggy brain will thank you for this too.

Reason #4: Stop trying new things all the time.

What may be a great product for one person may not work well for you as we all have different genetic makeup, oil content and pore size. Always do a patch test first to avoid a bad reaction. Rather stick to products you know work well for you and stop trying the latest thing on the market.

Reason #5: Sudden breakouts can be caused by your glow!

Breakouts on your face, chest and back can also be related to sweat which can mix with ingredients in your makeup, sunscreen and moisturisers! To prevent this, simply wash off sweat as soon as possible and avoid excess moisturisers on the skin prior to working out.

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