Fireroom Sushi and Grill is hot on everyone's lips!


When last did you visit a restaurant that simply put, blew you away? Fireroom Sushi and Grill in Montecasino, Fourways, Sandton, is hot on everyone’s lips right now – pun intended - as they set sushi on fire, flame steaks at your table and transform cocktails into liquid flames.

The sushi on fire melts textures and flavours and delivers something quite special on the palette and I would confidently have to say that this was one of the most exciting dining experiences I have had to date.

Fireroom delivers exceptional service, spectacular flavours, a beautiful ambience and creative flair for a dining delight, you’ll never forget. 

As soon as you enter the magnificently decorated establishment, you know you are in for a treat. It’s understated opulence with tasteful show-stopping pieces.

Fireroom Sushi and Grill has a spectacular menu 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Fireroom only offers sushi though. Their menu is a kaleidoscope of variety, from salads to steaks, stir-fries to dim sum, poké bowls to shellfish, even battered fish and chips if you like and  if you are a sushi purist, well their large section of traditional sushi on the menu will thrill you to bits.

This is a restaurant where the entire experience cannot be rushed, it must be taken slowly, savouring each moment. Our waiter, Honest, was not only attentive, but also so knowledgeable and he advised us on the latest menu items as well as which tipple to pair our meals with.

Honest started our Fireroom experience with a talk on their various local and imported gins, offering insights into their signature flavours and nuances. For starters, my husband and I were eager to try the sushi on fire.

Delicious firey sushi

I had the increasingly popular halloumi crunch – a veggie option of eight crunchy California rolls, fried halloumi, peppadew, sticky fantasy sauce, cubed avo and signature seasoning- whilst hubby opted for one of their signature dishes – the Fire Roll, eight crispy California rolls, salmon, jalapeño, Kewpie mayo, cream cheese and Yakitori sauce which is poured over the sushi in front of you just before it gets its baptism by fire, flambéd at the table.

Mine was set alight with a blow torch and finished with coriander seeds for extra crunch. The sushi on fire was delicious in every aspect and the theatrics of it made it even better.

Mouthwatering mains

For mains George Cavallineas, owner of Fireroom decided he’d surprise us. A fillet on the bone and kingklip thermidor would see us licking our lips and wanting to come back again. I consider myself a true carnivore and could not really imagine a world without steak, biltong or bacon.

My husband, on the other hand, could quite easily do meat-free Mondays, Tuesdays and well, actually all days ending in a ‘y’. Our mains, therefore, were perfectly matched to our eating styles. The steak was melt-in-the-mouth perfection; I don’t think I have ever had such a soft, tender piece of steak before.

The fact that it was flambéd at our table and that the fat melted into the fillet made for a delicious marriage of tenderness and flavour. The kingklip was delicate with a rich, creamy cheese sauce and was served with the most magnificent parmesan mash.

Our palettes were cleansed after with a bowl of refreshing fruit sorbet.

To discover the flavours of Asia (and so much more) at Fireroom, I would recommend making a reservation, especially for evenings and weekends as they are extremely popular.

Call 011 465 0587 or visit today.

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