Deepen your relationship during this month of love

FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Relationships should be treated like an investment, however investing money is not always necessary to see real returns.

The truth is, nobody needs a special day to celebrate love. When a special someone is in your life, every day is an opportunity to express and celebrate your love. You really don’t have to wait for that one day of the year to do something special to show your significant other how much they mean to you.

Showing your love need not cost you a lot of money either, nor does it have to involve stuff. It’s really the little things that matter more than lavish gifts. A kind word at the right time; some appreciation for a delicious dinner prepared after a long, hard day; a hug when they’re feeling blue; or even just making time to go for a short walk with your partner every once in a while. These are the kinds of things lovers  appreciate far more than some fancy thing you do for them or give them on a day when it’s expected.

Of course, there’s an argument to be made for the idea that Valentine’s Day has become just another opportunity for retailers to encourage people to spend money. On the other hand, it also offers people the opportunity to take a good look at their relationships and ask themselves whether there is still some meaning or real romance left, and if so, what to do next.

“While the commercial undertones that Valentine’s Day has taken on somewhat undermine its purpose, love is still worth celebrating,” says Paula Quinsee, relationship expert.

And if you feel like a physical show of appreciation is in order, but money is tight, you can always go for a walk in your nearest botanical gardens, read a book together (taking turns to read it out loud to one another), or make time to watch your favourite movie. Choosing to spend that most precious of resources – time – with your partner, will mean more than any gift.

Finding your way through the month of love and achieving a genuine outward display of relationship success can be a challenge, even for couples who have been together for years. To help couples get there, Paula Quinsee, Khosi Jiyane, Kofi Ofori-Boateng, and Hakeem Anderson are hosting a Relationship Bootcamp workshop on the 24th of February for couples who are serious about their relationships. Together, these powerhouse programme presenters have the titles of author, relationship expert, clinical psychologist, professional speaker and encourager under their belts.

Ultimately, showing love doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money, but most importantly, it doesn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day either. 

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