Great calming effects at the Sheer Elegance Nail and Beauty Salon

FEBRUARY 26, 2018

One of the great things about a beauty salon is that they have a great calming effect thanks to the music, decor and smells, and from the second I stepped into the Sheer Elegance Nail and Beauty Salon I felt the tension leave my body.

I was welcomed by Jalani Wessels, the owner of this award winning salon.

Jalani personally led me to their Beauty Room were I changed into a fresh, comfortable robe. The neatness and cleanliness, attention to detail and friendliness of the staff made it obvious Jalani loved what she did.

On this visit I had chosen the Chemical Peel Treatment. Thinking that all the processes would revolve around my face, I was wonderfully surprised to find that Jalani started with a foot massage. Having someone work on your face can be a little stressful so beginning with a very relaxing foot massage (I nearly feel asleep!) makes the treatment more enjoyable.

Once Jalani started with the Chemical Peel Treatment, she talked me through the procedure and, after analysing my skin, informed me what I needed most. The 30 minute treatment was rejuvenating and when it was done, I felt like new life had been breathed into my skin.

Jalani says that this treatment offers solutions for all skin conditions and skin types by combining the regenerative capabilities of Glycolic Acid and other intensely hydrating activities.

I must say after the foot massage and the facial, I felt like a million bucks! They even gave me a complimentary facial product to take home with. Thank you Jalani - I cannot wait to be back!

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