Anvil Ale – great brew and brewery


Dullstroom is a very picturesque town - neat and full of character and great place to spend a weekend or as a stopover on a visit to the low veld. 

To my mind no touristy village is complete unless it has, amongst other things, a micro-brewery and Dullstroom, on the Lydenburg side, has a very neat brewpub.

Having left the heat of the low lying Kruger National Park in the morning I did not expect the biting cold I found at Dullstroom’s altitude.

Thankfully I am a brewery fan and chose Anvil Ale Brewpub with its roaring fire, as my rest stop.  The pub itself is rather small but there is a wide veranda better suited summer weather.  Adjacent Anvil Ale is the Beans about Coffee roaster and coffee shop.

I would have loved to have spent the afternoon in the pub warming my heart on the ale and my hands on the fire but time was limited and I thought it unwise to sample the full range of brews on hand and then embark on the next step of my journey.

Thus, as a responsible citizen, I ordered a take away after quizzing the appropriately named brewer, Theo de Beer on his wares.

In the end I walked out with a box each of the Anvil Pale Ale and the Blond Ale.

A few hours later saw me at a family reunion where I generously offered to share the ales with my brother, father and brother in law.

We are a gourmet family and all enjoy quality over quantity, provided that the quantity is sufficient or rather, to be more honest, substantial.  Anyway, artisanal brews are something that we have in common and it was an interesting evening spent comparing tastes and preferences.

My brother in-law particularly enjoyed the Pale Ale which has, to quote the Avil Ale website, “a lingering, spicy hop character on the back of the toungue, balanced by the malty fullness on the front of the palate” (I would just sound too pretentious if it came from my keyboard).

Ale is typically English, as is my brother in laws family, and following English tradition, this beer is fermented at warmer temperatures using top-fermenting yeast and with a lower carbonation level than most mainstream South African beers. It was judged as the best pale ale at the 2011 National Home Brewing competition.

I have a penchant blonds, strictly speaking in the way of ale and daughters (of which I have four) only, and so my favourite was the Anvil Blond Ale.

Theo describes this as, “The perfect beer to satisfy the South African taste for a crisp refreshing drink.”

A locally developed hop was used for this beer which produces a passion fruit aroma. The pure local spring water used in the brewing process is perfect for the delicate nature of this beer (words taken once again from the website).

Next time I visit Dullstroom I will make a point of spending more time at Anvil Ale Brewpub.

For more information call Theo on 073 168 6603 or 013 254 0197

Contact Franchisee Linda Thünemann-Faasen
Mpumalanga contact number 0026 87 659 3411 or 0027 82 971 7609
Mpumalanga email address