Make a little room for the hopefuls: Safety tips for cyclists and motorists alike

MARCH 9, 2018

With the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour little more than one day away, Overstrand motorists can expect to encounter heightened “cycle traffic” in the weeks ahead. Given the undulating nature of the roads in and around Overstrand, the area is considered prime training ground for both experienced contenders and those first-timers hopeful of at least reaching the finishing line in one piece.

Traffic Chief, Rudi Fraser, cautions all motorists to be aware of the fact that not all cyclists are regular riders; neither should we assume that they are familiar with our roads. “We want to urge motorists to make sure they pass cyclists with a minimum distance of at least 1.5 m. It’s simple: If a vehicle is 1.5 m away from a cyclist, that vehicle cannot hit the cyclist,” he said.

Naturally, cyclists ought to do their bit to help prevent unfortunate encounters along the way too. The Pedal Power Association’s website offers several tips on how cyclists can ensure their safety on the road:

  • Practise at home how to fix a leaking tire
  • Always have a tire repair kit, a spare liner, tire lever and pump on hand
  • Be as visible as possible, especially when cycling in the early morning or late afternoon
  • Invest in lights for your bike (white in the front; red at the back)
  • Wear reflectors around your ankles and be sure to choose bright colours when shopping for cycling gear
  • Wear your helmet at all times
  • Wearing gloves is also advisable, since they will protect your hands should you have a fall
  • Obey the traffic rules
  • Never skip a red light or cycle on a sidewalk
  • Always stick to the left of the median
  • Be on the lookout for loose sand, water, glass, oily patches or gravel on the road surface
  • Always check your blind spot before changing direction
  • Use the correct hand signals when stopping or turning
  • Be sure to always have sufficient snacks and liquids on hand
  • In case something should happen to you along the way, be sure to carry identification as well as your medical details and the contact details of a family member.

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