Refine your interiors with wall panels

AUGUST 10, 2018

Modern wall designs no longer stop at a good paint job. With modern technology and designs to rival that of Sketch Gallery in London, decorative wall panels are now a thing, and they’re only becoming more gorgeous.

Currently 3D panel designs are a big international trend, transforming any room by adding style and depth to your space. Varying in materials like Polystyrene foam, wood, fabric and leather, walls across the world have been given an instant upgrade to create unique home designs that can be tailored to suit individual tastes.

Family run business NMC, who are also leaders in the development and production of synthetic foams and decorative mouldings including high quality cornices and skirting boards, have recently launched a range of 3D wall tiles with a refined sculptural and decorative effect that brings any wall to life with dramatic shadows and textures. And whilst the wall tiles create a stunning visual impact with geometric and linear designs, with 13 textures to choose from, you’re able to create your own piece of artwork no matter what style you are trying to create from classical, modern, timeless or professional.

In elegant design spaces, these striking three-dimensional wing wall tiles will refine your interior to bring you comfort for a better life, thanks to the effect of light and shadow that are brought into definition. They can be combined alternately horizontally or vertically.

Made from the highest quality Polyurethane, the specialised manufacturing technique guarantees a hard and smooth surface which is primed and ready for painting. And with sustainability being at the core of NMC’s company DNA, the team actively directs their research, production and portfolio of applications towards improved sustainably. With ecological production processes, NMC contribute to climate protection without compromising on technical characteristics.

So all you need to do is let your imagination come true.

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