Get some TLC at Illusions Hair Design & Livine Sante


My first impressions arriving at the Livine Sante Spa, which is part of the Illusions Hair Design Salon, was that it is a well managed and much loved spa.

This may not be a big city salon in a 5-Star hotel but Livine Sante Spa is run by 5-Star beautician, Cornelia Hough and the service is just what one would expect from the small town charm of Robertson.  Of course their treatments are very well-priced too.

My body needed some TLC after the December holidays, so decided to try their Ashi-Africa Barefoot Massage, which is something that I had not experienced before. Only a handful of spas in the county offer this type of massage.

Interestingly, barefoot massage was originally developed in India as part of martial arts training.  More recently, the concept was adapted for a Western audience by adding Swedish massage techniques, resulting in a deep, luxurious massage.

Ashi-Africa Barefoot Massage allows the therapist to utilise the gravity-assisted pressure of their body weight to give a deep tissue massage.

Making use of gravity, body weight and the strength of the legs and experienced therapist can work deep into the muscles, without all the pushing and pressing required when using the hands. Only an experienced masseur can pull this off while ensuring total relaxation and enjoyment.

All-in-all, I found the experience enjoyable and energising.

Once my massage was done, I had a pedicure too and left feeling like I was walking on air.

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