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MAY 16, 2018

There are many reasons to travel the world. Some people travel to broaden their horizons, others travel to meet new people, many travel for the simple purpose of wanting a holiday. And then you get those who travel for food.

Foodie travel has become a massive trend with multiple cities across the globe boasting about being the perfect foodie destination. Food brings people together and it is a unique way through which to experience a different culture.

If you consider yourself a foodie and you want to take your taste buds across countries and continents the time you need to plan your vacation might as well be spent sampling delicacies already. Enter Airbnb’s food and drinks experiences that are designed and led by locals, give visitors an inside look and unique perspective on a city and take all the stress out of planning.

Immerse yourself in cities like Buenos Aires in Argentina and Bali in Indonesia by diving into the local dishes and preparing meals with your local Experience hosts.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Known for stunning canals and beautiful buildings, Amsterdam is a gorgeous city with so much cultural and historical beauty on offer. When it comes to food, we can thank the Dutch for many delicious treats – of which the one we all enjoy the most is cheese! On this Amsterdam foodie experience, guests will head out with Airbnb host Stephan who, according to a number of reviews, can even show a “Dutchie” some undiscovered cheesy gems. Stephan will highlight some local favourites within the Jordaan community. This includes a visit to a local cheese shop where guests can try out some of the tastiest and most pungent cheeses.

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Cost: R879 per person

Bali, Indonesia

When people imagine escaping to enjoy idyllic island life for a few days, many conjure up thoughts of Bali, which is known for pristine beaches and blue oceans. It is also widely known that the food all over Bali is simply delicious and something that every foodie needs to try – especially the street food. With this night food tour, guests will visit the closest night market to their accommodation and try some traditional Balinese cuisine including "nasi jinggo" – which is known to be the most popular night food of Bali.

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Cost: R232 per person

Berlin, Germany

There are many delicious foods that Berlin – and Germany generally – is known for. But this one here is for those who have a sweet tooth. Although the origin story can be traced back to Austria, strudel easily found its way into the German culture and is a dessert that many locals and visitors enjoy. On this Airbnb Experience, guests will learn the art of making the perfect apple strudel that will be enjoyed once the class is over.  The class takes place in edgy Wedding where guests will be able to get a local’s take on this multicultural area.

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Cost: R587 per person

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dive into the rich cultures of Buenos Aires with this unique cooking experience in one of the city’s most popular suburbs – Palermo. Thanks to hosts Marce and Ani, guests will be treated to a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience while also feeling that Argentinian hospitality. At the end of it all, guests will know how to make a number of delicious Argentinian dishes. The experience ends off with a moment sharing where guests are encouraged to talk about their customs and traditions of their respective countries.

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Cost: R649 per person

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a melting pot of people. You could walk one block in the city centre and pass by a variety of restaurants and shops that each represent a different culture. This comes through strongly in the food that’s on offer in this sea-side South African city. In this experience, guests will be able to get a sense of African food – not just Cape Town dishes. Host Naa-Adjorkor hails from Ghana and loves to cook up dishes that represent all parts of Africa. She will talk visitors through each dish – from either South Africa, East Africa and West Africa. At the end, everyone will sit down and enjoy the spoils together.

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Cost: R500 per person

Havana, Cuba

Havana is a vibrant city – full of colour, steeped in history brimming with beauty. It a must-see for anyone visiting Cuba, and trying the local food is a must-do. This cooking experience will give you an inside look at what locals eat in Havana and how they enjoy their meals. According to the host, the menu that guests will experience on the day will feature some secret ingredients that gives Cuban foods its unique flavours. Guests will also walk away with some easy-to-make Cuban recipes to cook up at home.

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Cost: R632 per person

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